A Message from Our Principal


Greetings to all Bay Brook Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Community Stakeholders,

My name is Christian Licier and I am happy to introduce myself to you as your new Principal. In just a few short days, I have already felt a special energy in the Bay Brook community. The community has experienced a lot of change recently, from a new school building to new staff and an increase in new students. Learning has changed due to the pandemic crisis, driving us to look for new ways of learning. This change has clearly fostered hope and excitement in the Bay Brook community that is palpable. I am truly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve and act as the catalyst for the future of this school and community.

Within the next few weeks you will be hearing more and more from me. I will take the time to reach out to all stakeholders during the summer weeks in an effort to learn everything I can about you and the school, including staff, students, parents and partners. My duty is to serve you all in this community and ensure that we achieve everything you hope for. My goal is simple: create and operate the best school that can provide an exceptional learning experience for all of its students. Working collaboratively, we will ensure we achieve that goal that our children deserve.

I can’t wait to put my energy, heart and soul into this community and this effort. I love Baltimore and I love our kids. Working together, we will build a world-class educational experience for them. We will build a culture that is so strong they’ll remember Bay Brook as adults. We will build a climate that is so supportive they will be able to grow into young men and women with strong character and respect for their community and each other. We will guide them in their quest to find their personal, unique voice. The world expects no less from us and we will meet that challenge.

For now, enjoy your weeks of summer. There is a lot of hard work ahead with a rewarding end.

Mr. Christian Licier
Bay Brook Elementary\Middle School


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