Arts Integration

As a leader in Arts Integrated Programming for students, all students will regularly participate in arts integrated lessons across the curriculum. They will use the arts as a vehicle for learning and engaging with rigorous grade level materials. We have added to our staff an Arts Integration Coordinator position, whose primary goal is to assist all staff with planning and implementing amazing Arts Integrated activities.

And, as a partner with Arts Every Day School, we have integrated arts with academics to expose students to local art and provide opportunities to engage in academics with the arts. [Numerous studies reveal six benefits associated with arts in schools, including better reading and language skills, mathematics skills, thinking skills, social skills, motivation to learn and a positive school environment] (Ruppert, 2006).  And therefore, the goal of the Arts Every Day Schools program is to ensure students the opportunity to learn, grow, create and innovate through art and design during the school day.

Art supports our memory and cognition, sparks new ideas, and provides an emotional outlet. Art can be used as a therapeutic intervention using journals, collage, and a multitude of other art forms that provide an opportunity to express feelings and thoughts. Sharing our feelings, thoughts, and ideas helps build trusting relationships and a safe space.

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