Health & Safety

Greetings Bay Brook Family,                                             January 30, 2023

This year has been quite busy, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. We are still in a pandemic, although we are turning the corner. We should continue to pay attention and monitor ourselves daily.


  • COVID-19 numbers remain relatively high,
  • 71% or 1 person for every 10 people has COVID-19.
  • Vaccinations are keeping most people safe.

We would like to encourage everyone to continue to:

  • wear a mask,
  • wash your hands and
  • take a COVID test often.

In the past we were seeing respiratory symptoms, such as, cough, elevated temperatures, and headaches, but with the new COVID variant we are seeing more:

  • muscle aches and
  • generalized pain symptoms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school. We are more than happy to discuss.

Ms. Williams and I have many years of experience, in and out the school setting.

Stay Safe,

Wendy Smith RN BSN
School Nurse



How an you protect yourself and others?

Visit the CDC website by clicking here.


Wash your hands regularly and encourage your family to wash their hands too!

Learn more about handwashing by follow the CDC Link: