SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Programs

Restorative Practices

A strategy attending to social-emotional relationships in the school setting and implemented to de-escalate violent or aggressive behavior, reduce bullying, improve behavior, and build healthy relationships. Each day begins with a Restorative Circle. Step 1: Redirection Class Dojo: Warning Step 2: Restorative Conversation Class Dojo: Warning Step 3: Self-reflection Class Dojo: -1 Point Step 4: Buddy Teacher Reflection (10 minutes), Return to Class for Restorative Conversation Class Dojo: -1 Point Step 5: Support Referral, Parent/Guardian Contacted, Mindful Me Room, Restorative Conversation Class Dojo: -1 Point Monthly Incentives for students with 80% or more positive feedback on Class Dojo! For more information, contact your scholar’s teacher or visit the website here.