Transforming lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning. 


Provide scholars with rigorous instruction in a restorative community. Scholars will develop critical thinking skills, technological literacy, and the ability to collaborate and communicate with others, preparing them for college, their careers, and the global community. 

School Pledge

I will do my best
To be my BEST
Because I am somebody
What I do today will make a difference in my life
My choices will affect me and those around me
I will listen
I will follow direction
I will be honest
I will respect the rights of others
I will learn something today
Because today matters
And my future is built one MOMENT at a time
I will OWN those moments


Mascot: “Bruce” the Eagle. Historically, the eagle is a symbol of courage, stretching limits, reaching higher, great strength, leadership, and vision.

School Colors: white and blue

Motto: We Transform Lives”

21st Century School Project